Monday, September 24, 2012

the Middle East continues anti-American protests, chants "death to America". In other news, Obama is scheduled to go on the View...

In an interview with Chris Wallace, Gibb sounds exactly like Obama without a teleprompter... In other words, he doesn't make sense. He pretty much said Obama doesn't need to meet with foreign leaders because he can just call them... Doesn't the view have a phone? I'm no politician but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the President of the United States should be more concerned with meeting with foreign leaders than Whoopi. But with decisions like these, I guess we can call him celebrity in chief?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama compared his campaign volunteers to the murdered Americans in Libya

This just in, Obama has no shame... recently at a Las Vegas campaign stop Empty Chair said this “The sacrifices that our troops and our diplomats make are obviously very different from the challenges that we face here domestically but like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing… I’m just really proud of you.” Now I know he said that the two groups challenges are different buuuuut he still made the comparison which is beyond ridiculous. There isn't a campaign volunteer out there that compares in any way to our troops and diplomats. Our troops and diplomats have to be aware that there are angry mobs with knives and guns that want to kill them, Obama's volunteers have to be aware that there are groups of people with common sense and knowledge of the truth that want to debate them... Yeah, that's about the same.
What's even more disturbing than the comparison to the murdered Americans is that the White House had been given warnings about the lack of security at the Embassay as early as February and didn't do anything about it. “Lowest-priced security not good enough for war-zone embassies,” the commission wrote in a stinging report that urged other factors such as capability be considered in awarding security contracts... Read Breitbart crew's article here

Obama says Egypt isn't an ally...

But good news, he doesn't consider them an enemy either. Geez this guy is amazing, Egypt has been an ally since the late 80's, but in Empty chair's (Obama's new nickname) defense he probably had a bad case of the munchies back then so his focus was most likely on Doritos and twinkies annnnd we now know he doesn't go to his morning briefings, so how was he supposed to know that?! I mean, with all the golf, campaining and talk shows, you really think he has time for petty foreign details like who wants to kill us and who doesn't?
In a article from The Blaze: ..."Additionally, during the Telemundo interview, Obama discussed the notion that the U.S. is in a waiting and assessment period, as the country waits to see what Egypt’s response to the U.S. embassy attack will be. The president also reiterated his belief that the nation’s leaders need to protect U.S. interests there and that he’s hopeful that the Egyptian government, led by President Mohammed Morsi, will respond in a manner that is favorable to the American government." Read Full Article Here

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chris Rock's thoughts on the 4th of July, makes me like Mel Gibson a whole lot more.

Chris Rock tweets his views on Independence Day saying, "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks". What the? I am so sick of hearing liberals rag on this country. If you can't celebrate the birth of this great nation with a little gratitude, leave. If you can't get over the history of slavery America has, get out... But you might want to learn some world history before you pack your bags, cause you'll see it's hard to find a country without slavery somewhere in their history. So Mr. Rock as you count your millions, maybe you can come up with one thing nice to say about this country on it's birthday? If not... Move!
Check out what Breitbart's crew thinks about this here

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carter vs. Reagan, the break down.

                               Jimmy Carter= Lame             Ronald Reagan= Awesome

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A liberal doesn't like the national anthem? Let me show you my shocked face

Bill Press is a liberal radio talk show host, so you probably don't know who he is buuuut that won't stop me from going on a small rant about what he just said. Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much cause as I mentioned before, no one really knows who he is so why should we care what he says. Well I care because it just seems to be what is a growing trend on the liberal side. Bashing important keys to what makes this country so great. Like a previous post that showed a MSNBC host says he's uncomfortable calling soldiers killed in war, heroes. How on earth do they get away with saying that? I am more offended by him saying that than Rush calling a woman a slut. But obviously the main stream media that is so in the tank for the liberal agenda won't bring any of this up. I guess it just breaks down to the fact that I am sick of the left disrespecting this great nation, which includes the current President going around the world apologizing for America's arrogance. Yeah like the world would be a better place without us.. Wait how do you say that in German? Cause that's what we would all be speaking. So back to Bill, he recently said he was on a crusade to get rid of the National Anthem, cause he thinks it's embarrassing and questions the "home of the brave" part.

Top 7 Reasons to Re-Elect President Obama...Yay!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sissy lala liberal reacts to Scott Walker victory.

I honestly can't think of too many things that could be more embarrassing. You get all of a minute to tell America what you think of the out come of an important election in your state that didn't go the way you had hoped. But now's your chance to show not only Wisconsin voters why they were wrong but to tell America exactly how big of an effin deal this was (sorry, I channeled Biden for a second), so what do you do? You obviously man up... and cry like a little girl... Well if their campaigning was anything like this poor sap's speech, it's easy to see why they lost. If by "the end of the US as we know it", he means Union thugs won't run the country anymore, then I hope he's right.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

15 Story Halo

This was the White House image of the day on Memorial Day — no, for real. 

via Hot Air  President Barack Obama is reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall as he delivers remarks during the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War commemoration ceremony in Washington, D.C., May 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

ReallyThe takeaway image of Memorial Day for the Obama White House is the silhouette of non-veteran Obama on a memorial to war dead, complete with glowing halo around his head?  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Reagan on social programs

Abortions should only be legal in cases of rape, incest, mother's health or baby girls are icky.

Can't wait to see how the liberals spin their way out of this one. This video shows a soon to be mom going to Planned Parenthood to ask questions about getting an abortion because she doesn't want another girl and the PP lady not only doesn't bat an eye at the reason, but goes on to say that they don't judge why someone wants to get an abortion. How sweet of them... Too bad this isn't happening to puppies cause PETA and the Hollywood elite would have it shut down faster than they could say "is that cheese vegan?"

Q: How do you spell desperate? A: MSNBC

MSNBC is now asking questions about a white horse prophecy (that the LDS Church says isn't a prophecy) and is over 150 years old. Serious? This is what they want to talk about? I love how this is somehow not only a bigger deal than things like, oh I don't know, the economy, the wars or the national debt but yes a bigger deal than what Obama's own pastor said when Obama attended the church. So in short 150 year old prophecy about a rich Mormon coming to help save the constitution and will start of a revolutionary war is worse for Romney than Rev. Wright saying G D America and America's roosters have come home to roost after 9/11?! Also It's funny how in 2008 we weren't supposed to question someone's faith but now it's suddenly okay. Annnnd is it just me or did she act like it was a weird thing that Mormons wanted to defend the constitution?

Monday, May 28, 2012

MSNBC questions whether or not fallen soldiers should be called heroes

When asked why I don't like MSNBC, this is just one of the many responses I can give.

From The Blaze:  "MSNBC is not known as a network that sympathizes with the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, but this Memorial Day weekend, rather than put aside their political differences to salute our men and women in uniform, a panel on Chris Hayes’ show instead engaged in a debate over how to refer to our fallen soldiers.
Specifically, the panel debated over using words like “hero” because– in their words– the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t “worthy” causes."...

"After reassuring that there is honor and valor in the military, Goldberg said: “It’s more just that, it’s a way of ennobling sacrifices that have a lot of nobility for the individual, but to say that someone kind of died heroically suggests that they died worthily, or that they died in the pursuit of a worthy endeavor…” [Emphasis added]"
Read the full article here

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Liberal's war on the arts!

Okay that's a stretch but if the left can say the GOP is waging  a war on women because we think that they should pay for their own birth control then I'm going to say the left is having a war on the arts because a Utah high school cut it's arts program budget to pay a federal (Michelle Obama) fine for allowing kids to buy soda during lunch time... Yep, you read that right. $15,000 dollar fine for breaking a federal law by allowing high school students to have a carbonated beverage at the wrong time of the day. The other creepy thing is, who found out about Davis high selling fizzy drinks in the fat hour anyway? Do we really pay people to go from high school to high school to enforce this law? Cause if so, can you guess the first budget cut I'd make if I became president? Okay back to the point, you think it's weird to not let high school kids drink soda because someone thinks it's not healthy? Wait until you see what you can have. Let's go over the can and cannot shall we? Coke can't be sold but Gatorade and other sports drinks (that have sugar in them) can.. Licorice can't be sold but Snickers can because they are considered nutritious because they have nuts in them. For some unknown reason ice cream can be sold. So in short, you can sell a Gatorade float with a Snickers bar on top but don't you DARE sell a Diet Sprite!

On a separate note, I am in the process of building my Sodamobile that will be appearing across the street from high schools and will be making a crap ton of money on this administration's Nazi-like laws.

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies" -Fleewood Mac... And the American voters

Here is a 14 something minute long video pointing out lies that Obama has said. From his racist grandma to Jeremiah Wright to his connection (or lack there of) with the civil rights movement. This guy has no shame when it comes to making crap up. The sad thing? This doesn't even come close to covering all of them. It's one thing for a guy to lie to try and get to a kick butt job and all buuuut where's the media?! Ohhh that's right they are too busy making up barber stories about Romney...

Wanna watch the video? Then click here

Friday, May 11, 2012

Death of the Tea Party?

The mainstream media has mentioned that the Tea Party is dead and/or a non factor in politics today. Really? How about we ask Senator Lugar his thoughts... Oh that's right he was voted out and the Tea Party backed Mourdock won the primary. At what point do you think the main stream media will give the credit that the Tea Party obviously deserves? Okay, that's a dumb question, they never will and I'm okay with that, their ratings, subscriptions and being wrong election after election just proves they are the ones that are a non factor.

Breitbart's crew had a great take on the subject. They said:

"The Tea Party has spent the past several months methodically building, training, and developing its army without much flashy media attention. The lack of media coverage has led a few people to ask if the Tea Party is still alive. After his defeat at the hands of the Tea Party, soon-to-be former Senator Dick Lugar can tell you, the Tea Party is not only alive but they are also organized to fight, and win"...
..."The next big battle ground in which the Tea Party will exercise its more refined skills is the June 5 recall election in Wisconsin. Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party umbrella group, already has advance teams laying the groundwork for a massive influx of reinforcements to support Tea Party principles in Wisconsin."
"By next week, buses will begin bringing Tea Party Patriots volunteers from all across America to start canvassing Wisconsin and motivating the voters to support fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It remains to be seen if the Ruling Class--i.e. the glad-handing, back-slapping, good ol' boys and girls in both parties and their complicit cohorts in the mainstream media--will be able to see past their own bigoted prejudices enough to pay attention."

Read full article here

At your Beck and call

So Mr. Beck made a great point, he mentioned that the president is our representative, so obviously he should represent our morals, ethics and values. Glenn wrote a list of 20 things about Obama then said “Reagan said we can come to agreements if we have seven out of ten. I’m going to give three out of 20. Do you ‑‑ are you personally, or can you name a friend or a relative, anyone that has three of these?” 

1. Do you know anyone who has the understanding and gained their understanding of Jesus Christ and defend it, and they got that understanding from someone like Jeremiah Wright? Do you know anyone who is a good Christian that believes there is no salvation unless there’s collective salvation?

2. Do you know somebody who is raised and/or mentored by communists?

3. Do you have friends or acquaintances that are Marxists, Communists, or have been actively engaged in the overthrow of the United States government?

4. Have you ever been at a party celebrating someone who has been accused of domestic terrorism?

5. Do you know anyone or have you ever been to a party and gave a toast to someone who is accused of being a Muslim terrorist?

6. Do you or any of your friends have the belief that terrorism doesn’t really exist? And that by definition jihad is only a holy struggle?

7. How many of you or how many of your friends have hired members of the Muslim Brotherhood to provide security for your business or their business? Or would hire members of the Muslim Brotherhood to go through and put together your security for your town?

8. Do you have any friends that believe the Muslim Brotherhood is largely secular and good?

9. Do you know anybody that thinks NASA’s foremost goal should be Muslim outreach, so you can help them and NASA can help them feel good?

10. Do you know anybody who believes that Occupy Wall Street features the best people in our country right now?

11. Is it even conceivable that anyone you know or associate with would think that killing Osama Bin Laden was a tough decision? With that, you have a single friend who in that case would make sure that we have a “blame someone else” memo ready just in case it went wrong?

12. Do you have anybody in your circle of friends or your circle of influence that believes America and Israel is the biggest obstacle to peace and stability in the world. Do you know anyone who believes the United States constitution needs to be a photo negative to be right with the world today?

13. Would you or anyone you know take a gift given to the United States after 9/11, a bust of Winston Churchill, and try to give it back to the prime minister on your first meeting? And when he says, “No, no, that’s a gift, you can keep it,” would you or anyone in your circle of influence then take that bust, box it up, ship it back yourself and say “We don’t need it anymore”?

14. Do you know anyone, a single person, who has a wife or a husband that has never been proud of the United States of America until something good happened in their life?

15. Do you know anybody who would actively defend allowing a baby to die without treatment in a hospital if an abortion failed? That the baby would be born outside, the doctors would have it, and they would be allowed to put it in a closet and just let it die?

16. Would someone in your life withhold needed money from poor countries or suggest that needed money from poor countries was withheld unless they change the Constitution to be pro-abortion?

17. Do you know anybody who believes the only way out of debt is to spend $5 trillion in three and a half years? Or  believes Solyndra and other green businesses were a good bet, and that the people’s hard earned money is something you should gamble with and you think that it should continue?

18. How many people do you know personally that would give a shout‑out to someone to say, “Hey, I just want to say hi to Bob over there and thank Bob – It’s been a great day, Bob,” before you had to announce to the country that 13 soldiers were murdered by an Islamic extremist on our own soil?

19. Do you know anybody who claims to be a huge Israeli supporter? Do you know anybody who says, “I’m the biggest fan of Israel, they’re our biggest and strongest ally, and I’m a huge supporter. I’m the best thing that has happened.” And that when the prime minister of that country flew from the other side of the globe to have a scheduled dinner with you, you would humiliate him and blow off for dinner? Let him eat alone while you had a quiet dinner someplace else with friends? Do you know anybody who says, “I am the biggest supporter of Israel,” and then visited all of the Muslim countries around Israel but couldn’t find the time to go to Israel? And that as Israel’s biggest, most loyal supporter, believes they should go back to the indefensible ’67 borders? I understand it if you’re not a fan of Israel, but if you’re a fan of Israel, do you know a soul that is a true fan of Israel that says, “Yes, go back to the ’67 borders”?

20. Do you know any committed capitalist who believes in redistribution of wealth?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Biden refers to Mitt as President Romney. Biden is obviously a man ahead of the times.

Not only did Joegaffe (it's a play on Joseph, I know it's a stretch but just go with it)refer to Mitt as the president but he referred to Obama as President Clinton. In other news Michelle Obama has made sure there are no cigars within a 20 mile radius of the White House...

From The Blaze: "During an interview with David Gregory on “Meet The Press,” Biden’s mind seemed otherwise occupied when it came to consistently and correctly referring to who he was talking about. For example, at one point, and much to the joy of Republicans, he referred to Mitt Romney as “President Romney.” But as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he couldn‘t seem to keep his own boss’s name straight: he also referred to Barack Obama as “President Clinton.” The Washington Free Beacon noticed it all"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Epic Fail: Me, Me, Me, Comma I, Slash More Me.

You know, I heard Incubus's Obama theme song (Megalomaniac) the other day, and I was like, wow, that's weird, because that song came out before anyone ever heard about Obama -- but then I watched the video, and there was all this Hitler imagery, so, I guess it really wasn't about Obama, which also is weird, cause if you listen to it, you'll swear it was.

And here are those empty seats he was referring to, awesome.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anderson Cooper is actually unbiased with Stop laughing, I'm serious

Well shame on me for thinking that CNN would never be anything but a cheerleader for Obama and the liberal agenda. Yes, I know this is only a tiny drop in the bucket but I'll take it. Notice how the MoveOn guy doesn't know how to respond to Cooper's legitimate questions? In his defense, he's used to confetti and high fives after every negative comment he makes about Republicans... Maybe he should only go on Soledad's show, well as long as he doesn't bring up CRT.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Smack down, Sean Hannity style

So an Occupy guy goes on the Sean Hannity show and in true liberal fashion makes fun of not only the host but Fox News in general. The great thing is later when he admits he's never seen the Hannity show before... Anyway, let's get to the problems we face and who's to blame. This just in, blaming Bush has gotten old so... Let's blame the NYPD? Serious? He is honestly saying that the NYPD sent down criminals to Zuccotti Park to make them look bad? Umm from the pics I have seen of the so called movement, their nappy dreads stuffed under a dirty knit cap, that sits high on their unwashed bodies sporting a dingy brown/ torn in all the gross places Che tee and shorts that were pants in a previous life makes them look bad enough, they def don't need any help from the police. But at least he did come with evidence to back up his claim, he said cause the N.Y. Times said so... Oh well then, it must be true, cause they have proven to be an unbiased hard hitting journalistic organization... Maybe it's just me but if I had files that proved NYPD sent rapist down to the park... I would have made sure I brought them, even if it meant I didn't have room for my oh so 90's facial hair. How delusional do you have to be to say, housing, dental, medical and transportation should be FREE! Do they not have any concept of how the real world works? Is it all tooth fairies and Santa Clauses in his mind? The hard part is going to bed, but all of that "work" pays off when you wake up and find... Free crap! What an idiot. Also, I don't think I'm going to take advice on how to fix America's problems from a guy that doesn't even know who's writing him the checks he's cashing. Annnd I love the part where capitalism failed because HE lost his job. What a self absorbed, entitled, arrogant piece this guy is! Anyway, here's the video.

Over 4 BILLION per year in Tax Credit Abuse. Nice.

$11,000 tax refund for claiming 11 NEICES and NEPHEWS -- that live in MEXICO!!!!!!!!! Over $29,000 sent to one residence where 20 kids claim to live -- yet who have never even been in the U.S. ---- ARE YOU KIDDING ME (yes, I am yelling right now!!!!!) So, here I am dotting every i and crossing every t on my tax form, making sure all is kosher, when I could have been claiming imaginary relatives in another country? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? Warning: this video is extremely BARF WORTHY. (thanks Doug!)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Want the proof? Well here's the pudding.

With the economy in the crapper, the biggest concern with most logical Americans is job growth. So let's take a look at the list that Chief Executive put together about CEO opinion of the best and worst states in which to do business. 9 out of the top 10 have republican governors. For fun let's notice where, what I would call the 3 biggest nanny states (most liberal states) Massachusetts, California and New York are on the list and where the state that most liberals love to bash is. That's right Texas comes in first (again) and the only reason California isn't lower on the list is, because we only have 50 states... Just one more reason to vote the liberal out of the White House.
Chief Executive "This year, 650 business leaders responded to our annual survey, up from 550 in 2011. CEOs were asked to grade states in which they do business among a variety of areas, including tax and regulation, quality of workforce and living environment. The Lone Star State was given high marks foremost for its business-friendly tax and regulatory environment. But its workforce quality, second only to Utah’s, is also highly regarded... ...It may be no accident that most of the states in the top 20 are also right-to-work states, as labor force flexibility is highly sought after when a business seeks a location. Several economists, most notably Ohio State’s Richard Vedder and Harvard’s Robert Barro, have found that the economies in R-to-W areas grow faster than other states, have higher employment and attract more inward migration. Governor Scott Walker’s battle with the unions in Wisconsin (See “Will Wisconsin Rise Again?”), a state that edged into the top 20 this year for this first time, demonstrates that the struggle for a pro-growth agenda can be contentious. As one Badger State business leader remarked, “Finally, Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.” See the list and read the full article here

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FBI 1 Occupy 0

So some Occupy leaders were apparently named as suspects in a plot to blow up a bridge. Well good thing for us they suck at blowing things up just as much as they suck at life.
"The official said that during the investigation, several of the suspects repeatedly complained that the Occupy Wall Street movement, which had spread to other cities from New York, wasn't violent enough. Douglas L. Wright, 26; Brandon L. Baxter, 20; and Anthony Hayne, 35, were arrested by members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force Monday night on charges of conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce. Also arrested were Connor C. Stevens, 20, and Joshua S. Stafford, 23. The complaint said while the group had not figured out how they would demolish the signs, according to Wright, "the signs are the most important part [of the plan] because they need to make sure everyone knows that the action was against corporate America and the financial system, and not just some random acts." "Clearly, their targets are completely aligned with those of any official Occupy movement. When the Tea Party was at its peak, Democrats and news media were quick to blame the Tea Party for any and every violent incident of protest around the country--and then some. How quick will they be to point out the roll of Democrats and even Barack Obama in pushing the Occupy movement, now breeding violence across America?" Read Breitbart Article Here

Occupy... We're still doing this huh?

I like the guy that says he doesn't have a job or pay taxes... Oh then let's listen to you on how to fix things. These guys are a joke, well if jokes aren't funny but just annoying and pathetic.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chris Matthews says conservatives are a "grand wizard crowd" to a black conservative...

Ummm... Who watches this guy?!

CNN shows their bias... Yet again.

If the CNN news lady would read up on the latest poll numbers, she would know that's it's not so gasp worthy that someone wouldn't say they're voting for little o.

Obama doesn't think hockey moms are delicious.

Did he just compare dog meat to hockey mom "meat"?... And.. How would he know?...

Anti Bullying speaker bullies high school students.

Well I don't know what else to call it. He referred to the kids that got up and left his... Rant? as "pansy asses". Question: What's worse than a 16 year old bullying a 16 year old. Answer: A 48 year old man bullying a group of 16 year olds. He points out what he sees as hypocrisy in The Bible or the hypocritical people that believe in The Bible but doesn't even stop to catch a breath before he starts being a hypocrite himself. Maybe I'd listen to what he had to say if he didn't reek of arrogance as he bashed not only The Bible but republicans in general. Nothing is better than someone giving a talk on anti-bullying and condemning hate speech... While bullying and using hate speech. Well done Savage, well done.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Occupy Unmasked trailer

"Bloggers from all over the country met in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the weekend for a two-day conference sponsored by FreedomWorks and the Franklin Center. It was a time to catch up with old friends, make new ones, exchange ideas and pay tribute to Andrew Breitbart."

"Appropriately, part of Friday's tribute featured the first 30 minutes or so of Breitbart News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon's upcoming documentary, "Occupy Unmasked," a work in progress that unspooled before a packed house."

Read Full Article From Breitbart's Crew Here

Spelling matters

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama loves dogs... Especially with a nice demi glace

The Daily Caller writes about Barry Obama eating dog when he was younger. No, I'm serious! It's in his book and everything. HE... ATE... DOG... No wonder why he dragged his feet for so long on getting a dog after he became president, he was on a diet.

"Hey, whatever you have to tell yourself, libs. Say what you want about Romney, but at least he only put a dog on the roof of his car, not the roof of his mouth. And whenever you bring up the one, we’re going to bring up the other."

"Q: What does Obama do when his dog gets stuck?
A: Grabs a toothpick."

"Obama would never put a dog on top of a car. Dries out the meat."

Read the article here

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obama = Excuses


Government employees make a crap ton of money...

So, there's a new book out named Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future. Among other things it compares government salaries vs. private sector salaries. I've always known that in general, government employees not only have better benefits but just plainly make more money than private sector workers but daanng! The numbers they are reporting are ridiculous. I hope the next time Republicans want to make cuts, tax payers actually look at what the people are making before they join the union protests and go bat crazy acting like we are trying to take the last bread crumb from their cupboard.

"According to Norquist and Lott, the average private sector worker in America earns $61,000 annually in pay, pension benefits, and health care benefits. That compares to state and local government workers who make $80,000 and federal workers who bag $120,000 taxpayer dollars in pay, pension, and benefits"...

..."The cost to taxpayers over a government workers career is sizable. Norquist and Lott explain that the hiring of a single federal worker at age 25 will cost taxpayers between $2.73 million and $8 million in wages and benefits, depending on the speed with which the government worker is promoted."

Read Article From Breitbart's Crew Here

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Them's fightin' words

Obama calls Ronald Reagan a ‘wild-eyed, socialist, tax hiking class warrior’

Okay, first of all, good luck getting past Smuggy McFluffy on his left. I seriously couldn't look away.

Secondly, if I hear the words "everyone must do their fair share" ONE MORE TIME, I don't even know what I'll do. To be honest, I don't even want to hear the word "fair" again, cause I'll tell you what's NOT fair -- and that's me bustin' a hump to make a buck, while able bodied couch jockey's collect their monthly government dole.

Guess what Fair Share people? If everyone gets in the wagon, there's no one left to pull the wagon.

Read more at Daily Caller

This just in from RR: If Obama is calling Reagan a wild eyed, socialist, class warrior and wants to call his tax bill after him, wouldn't that mean that Obama is a wild eyed socialist, class warrior?? This guy's a moron. Don't insult someone then say that guy is so insane we should name our latest bill after him.... Oy!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Olbermann's out of a job and S.E. seems half full about it.

Nope, no voter fraud to see here...

This is awesome. The Holder justice department has tried to undo anything that even looks like a voter identification law because, as we all know, asking someone to show ID to vote, is super racist. Asking someone to show ID to rent a video, check out a water stained library book, or buy beer --- not racist. Asking someone to show ID to prove they are who they say they are before they pick the dude who gets to hold what some would argue is the most powerful position on the planet --- so obviously racist.

Good lord people, I had to show ID at Target last time I bought Nyquil!!

Anyway, this little gem is brought to you by the same people that took down Acorn. Rock On Veritas, Rock On!

Here's a little more, in case you thought the other might have just been a fluke ... and by the way, if the Democrats are so worried about minorities and poor people not having ID, well, why not invent a few more thousand government jobs and offer the ID for free. Government jobs and free stuff --- BAM! Problem solved!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

From the "you have to be kidding me file"

"The Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham MA removed the word “God” from Lee Greenwood’s, “God Bless the U.S.A.” The song was reportedly changed to, “We love the U.S.A.” Then, following outrage, the school pulled the song from a fourth-grade assembly."

I can't believe this happened in Massachusetts (sorry couldn't find the sarcastic font).Watch the news report here

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The double standard in chief

I know it's shocking but this video points out another double standard coming from the White House...

Well thank goodness CNN waited until they had the facts...

CNN reported people were saying that Zimmerman said a racist slur during the 911 call. So they took the audio and although it's not clear what he said... They ran with the story. To be honest, I still don't know what Zimmerman said, but I do know I wouldn't have reported it until it was clear. But as we all know, I don't work for CNN. So instead of Zimmerman saying f***ing coons, he might have said f***ing cold. But Zimmerman commenting on the cold weather isn't nearly as racist as the coon comment so... Let's go with the coon comment and whip up everyone into a racist frenzy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NBC edited George Zimmerman's 911 call...

Obama's administration gets punished, jr. high style.

Obama has one of the biggest egos I have ever seen, so maybe he thought he could disrespect (and flat out lie about) the highest court in America. Well in his defense he did it once before and no one seemed to care, so why not? Well, he all but got a slap on the wrist with a ruler and made to sit in the corner. Honestly I can't imagine how embarrassing it must be to have a judge tell you, you have to write a report pretty much saying how wrong your speech was...

"Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard arguments in a separate Obamacare challenge in Physician Hospitals of America v. Sebelius. According to Jan Crawford at CBS News (one of the most knowledgeable attorneys among the journalists who cover the Supreme Court), Judge Jerry Smith asked the Department of Justice lawyer arguing the case--Dana Lydia Kaersvang--whether Obama’s statement is now the official position of the United States government.

Although Kaersvang quickly admitted that Marbury and 200 years of unbroken precedent clearly hold that courts have the power to strike down Obamacare, Smith wanted it in writing. So the three-judge panel hearing this appeal--Smith, Emilio Garza, and Leslie Southwick (all three are excellent judges, and Smith is also a fine gentleman to boot)--issued an order today, requiring the Justice Department to file a three-page, single-spaced letter by noon this Thursday, reaffirming that the federal government agrees that courts possess the power of judicial review."

Read Full Article Here

Truth in advertising

Monday, April 2, 2012

Christianity Haters Gonna Hate


via Breitbart Tim Tebow’s trade to the New York Jets--and into the nation’s number one media market--has garnered a lot of attention in the press. And the mainstream media's scorn for his religion has been over-the-top.

Tebow mocking, of course, is not new, but it’s now reached an all-time high.

The Atlantic mocked the Jets--and Christianity--in an article entitled, “New York City Sports, Now with Even More Jesus.
On ESPN, Skip Bayless asked Tebow how he felt about being one of the most polarizing, divisive players in the NFL because of his faith.

And recently, on MSNBC, The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin remarked, “There are a lot of LGBT people that live in New York City who are also football fans and they might want to know why the new, possibly starting, quarterback for the New York Jets wants them to move backwards 30 or 40 years." Since when does an athlete’s position on a social issue disqualify him from playing a sport? writer Dan Bernstein labeled Tebow as a “little more than an affable simpleton” and criticized Tebow’s fans, calling them “lunatic-fringe cultists.”

Prior to the Super Bowl, Rabbi Joshua Hammerman opined in The Jewish Week that “If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants.” The Jewish Week and Hammerman later apologized.

The attacks expanded to the absurd: MSNBC mocked Tebow’s reading ability when he read Green Eggs and Ham for Pizza Hut’s “BOOK IT!” children’s reading program.

In December 2011, Bill Press, who likes to lecture conservatives about civility, said on his radio show that Tim Tebow needs to “STFU” about Jesus, calling him a “disgrace” and an “embarrassment.” However, he was just getting started with those remarks. He continued: "By dragging God into every football game, Tebow makes a mockery of Chrisianity--and trivializes religion. The truth is, God doesn't care who wins an election, a bingo game, or a football game. Sorry, Tebow, Jesus is not a Broncos fan."
He then went on to mock Tebow's fans: "Now, if you're one of the silly millions of Americans who loves Tebow's in-your-face kind of Christianity, consider this. What if he were a devout Muslim, who bowed to Mecca after every touchdown and shouted 'Allahu Akbar'?"

Press and the other members refuse to see the bias and hypocrisy in their remarks. If Tebow was a Muslim the media would not dare to make the comments they are making about him or his faith.

The mainstream media did not pick up on his rant, and Press felt no need to apologize.

NBC sports analyst Jelisa Castrodale even remarked that hatred of Tebow is directly tied to his faith.

Why can’t the media just report the facts? Why is there such a need to criticize others who are different from them?
Unfortunately, the mainstream media is predominantly secular and liberal--and intolerant of others who don’t hold their views. They claim to honor "free speech" and the First Amendment, but hold a double standard when a Christian athlete expresses his faith by attacking his character--which is squeaky clean, in this case.

Criticism is to be expected, to be sure--Tebow is one of the most famous and popular athletes of his time, with a following of over 9,000 tweets per second in one game alone.

But what about reporting on the fact that he is a role model for younger athletes, especially when professional sports teams are plagued by sex scandals, drugs, steroids, and women abuse? If anything, Tebow represents that which is good about sports and athleticism.

Unfortunately, when journalists dismiss the role of religion in someone’s life they miss out on telling some of the great stories within our culture. They also miss out on what is good about journalism—uncovering the truth or “uncomfortable” facts, being curious about life, investigating and describing facts in a sincere and unbiased way, and remaining open to learning and encouraging others to do the same.

When journalists avoid discussing topics that are uncomfortable to them, they then provide imbalanced and unfair coverage and deprive their audience of important answers and information that could be helpful and life-giving.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Team Obama: Keepin' it Classy.

You can buy elections, but you can't buy class.

The official Obama Campaign web store is now offering a t-shirt to celebrate his wildly popular health care take over.

"Stand with President Obama by reminding your friends and family that health care reform is still a BFD."

This is awesome. Team Obama is so down with pop culture, they just dropped an F-bomb acronym. And to dazzle us with their technological acumen, they even announced it via the Tweetisphere.

The good news: All the mindless fools that supported Team O and his ultimate wealth spreading scheme (single payer health insurance) can now be made more easily recognizable in their idiot shirts.

The shirt is 100% cotton, with a unisex fit, whatever that means.

See more at HotAir

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A History Lesson From (D) Congressman Keith Ellison

S#!t Spreaders of the World Unite.

via Breitbart Surveillance video captured Occupy Wall Street demonstrators just before 8 p.m. on March 14 dragging large quantities of human urine and feces in containers to an open-air plaza at the corner of Nassau and Cedar Streets in Lower Manhattan, then pouring the waste down the stairs there. In a separate incident the same night, approximately 20 minutes later, one of the suspects entered a Chase ATM vestibule on Water Street and poured the human waste inside the vestibule.

According to NYPD sources: “A witness provided a license plate number of the van used to transport the waste and Jordan Brooks Amos, 25, of Philadelphia, PA its registered owner, was apprehended March 16 on Wall Street and charged with Unlawful Possession of Noxious Matter (human urine and feces) and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle. Police also recovered a stun gun from inside the vehicle.”

Occupiers: what is your end game?

If you think a revolution of the Russian variety will solve all your ills, think again, you will merely be at the bottom of a much, much crappier barrel.

Nooooo sweets for you!

Putting the Nanny in Nanny state. NYC bans "unhealthy" food at homeless shelters.

via Daily Caller New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is once again stirring a national debate on government-mandated healthy eating with a prohibition of high-calorie food donations to city-run homeless shelters.

Concerned that other municipalities may implement copycat policies if this policy prevails, activists on the political left and right are pushing back against Bloomberg, hoping to get the prohibition overturned.

“They will back down only if we keep the heat up,” Jeff Stier, a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, told The Daily Caller. “We’re encouraging people to donate the highest quality health food they can to shelters.”

Anti-fatty foods activists, who helped push through the city’s ban on trans-fat foods in its restaurants and bars a few years ago, are pleased with the Bloomberg precedent, however. They hope his policy could lead to radical new laws around the nation to ban fatty food consumption, much like cigarette smoking has been banned in restaurants and offices.

The source of the new ban is a mayor’s office policy memorandum. Stier obtained a copy of the memo just weeks ago after being tipped off by a local cleric who said that his religious organization was being bullied by the city for providing food that allegedly contained too much salt and fat content to the homeless or near-homeless, senior citizens who were too aged to work, and recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

“Churches and synagogues have been bringing food to city shelters for decades,” said Stier, a lawyer and a former official in Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s administration. “Now they’re being turned away. Shelter managers told them they were forbidden by the city’s homeless department bureaucrats from accepting the food. The charities had to throw away the food.”

The city’s new policy seeks to prescribe the kinds of food that homeless who live in its shelters can eat, and prohibits high-fat, high-calorie foods, as well as certain kinds of condiments, Stier told TheDC.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Liberals Attack.

Christ Rock attacks a cameraman... But in his defense, the guy did ask a question about a comment Chris made, so I think he had it coming.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Obama administration says "take the stories down" and the media says "how high?"

Anyone else nervous that the White House tells news agencies to remove articles... and they do it?! For some reason I seriously doubt that the Bush administration could have made a similar request and the Huffington Post would've complied.

What am I rambling about you ask? Well, Obama's oldest daughter Malia went to Mexico with 12 of her friends, you know, as all 13 year old girls do and shortly after reporting the story, the reports started mysteriously disappearing... Now I'm not even going to ask how much this is going to cost the tax payers, cause I'm sure 25 secret service agents, a private jet and a oh so cool hotel stay come cheap. My main concern is that the media only reports what the Obama's want them to and yes I remember the 2008 election, so I shouldn't be surprised but this even goes above and beyond the normal biased media I am used to.

Read The Blaze article here

Oh Joe...

When talking about the Bin Laden raid Joe Biden said, “You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.”

Someone needs to tell him about a little known thing called D-day... Well and hundreds of other military "plans"... And they say Palin is stupid.
Read Hot Air's take on it here

Liberals get drowned out by a bunch of high school kids.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation after all!

Read the full blaze story here

Glenn Beck's The Road We've Traveled

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I think Chris Matthews needs to look up the word Cult.

And while he's at it, he might want to add unbiased and journalist.

The Religion of Peace... 86 the Peace.

"Asia Bibi’s tale has been a long and tragic one. The Pakistani woman has been detained for nearly three years after being charged with blasphemy for allegedly disparaging the name of the Prophet Mohammed. The penalty for talking negatively about Islam’s leader? Death."...

“Bibi is still awaiting a ruling on the appeal of her death sentence and has been moved to an isolated cell without any windows, sink or toilet because of Muslim threats against her life,” reads a press release announcing the book."

Read the full article here

Obama's Transformation to Dictator is Almost Complete.

To complete the transformation all he needs to do is get rid of that pesky constitution and have the main stream media only report about him in a positive way and lie or sweep things under the rug when needed... So in other words all he needs to do is get rid of the constitution...

This flag was outside a Florida Democratic Party headquarters.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let them eat ice cream

Al Gore+ South by Southwest = Government's Problems Solved

Al Gore went to SXSW to talk about government? Well... See when a liberal talks to a group of people about "government" that is usually code for "you wanna protest something?". So it's not surprising that in his push for getting the crowd into government he mentioned a new movement (funny how their movements always involve sitting) called Occupy Government. I know, catchy. And what ever happened to Occupy Global Warming? Anyway, when some people think about SXSW they think of unwashed 20 something's that take a break from sleeping on their parents couches for a killer weekend (even though to them every day is a weekend) of sun, music and a crap ton of pot. But to liberals that just means potential. To be fair, the article does say that Gore also brought up the internet, that must have been amazing for the audience! I mean, can you imagine listening to Edison talk about light bulbs? Ok, so that would be boring, but you get my inventor joke, right? “Our democracy has been hacked,” said Gore, framing Washington gridlock and the effects of special interest money in digital terms. Well if anyone knows about special interest money, I'd say it's Gore. Read the article here

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gym Memberships for all!

I am so sick of conservatives trying to control us. They are trying to say that the government shouldn't mandate that all insurance companies cover contraceptives? Who are they to say that I can't make other people pay for decisions I make? It only makes sense that if everyone would stop being greedy and just pitch in, then those of us who want to use contraceptives could get them free!

This brings me to my next complaint... Can anyone tell me why we have to pay for our own gym memberships? I want to work out, but I can't afford the membership fees. There are only 2 ways to solve this issue.

1) The government should mandate that all health care providers cover gym memberships.
2) The government should take over and run all of the gyms throughout the country and just allow free access to those that can't afford to pay taxes. The people that already pay taxes can clearly afford to pay their own membership fees, because they make enough to pay taxes. It totally makes sense!

It's not fair that I don't get to work out just because I can't afford to pay the fees to those greedy capitalist that care more about their profits than my personal physique! Now I know what the conservatives are going to say... Why should we pay for you to work out! We are greedy and only like to sit on piles of money and watch people suffer. My answer is, stop being greedy and quit trying to control my life!

The justice department thinks we're stupid.

Justice Department files objection to Texas voter ID law

The Justice Department's civil rights division has objected to the new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas, saying many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification.

The department says the state has failed to show that the newly enacted law has neither a discriminatory purpose nor effect.

In a letter to Texas officials, the Justice Department says Hispanic voters in Texas are as much as 120 percent more likely than non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver's license or personal state-issued photo ID.

Uhhhhhh, yuh think?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The new face of the occupy movement.

Aside from the obvious 500 jokes that easily write themselves, the most hilarious part is that they sing about wanting the government out of their "womb" while simultaneously asking the government to give them free contraception, which technically would put the government exactly where they said they didn't want them. I get dizzy just thinking about it. I would say that they can't really be that stupid, but with a straight face..., I can't.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sad Clowns and their money are easily parted.

This video, created by ShePAC is for all intents and purposes, awesome. Since Bill Marharharhar's show is on HBO a large majority of people don't really get to see what the shameless little pig is up to and wouldn't be troubled by the fact that 1 million of his disgusting dollar bills are going to help get someone elected.

This video did an excellent job of capturing the double standards of the left. My prediction is that eventually the super PAC will give back the dirty money, but probably only after waiting an uncomfortable amount of time. Which is fine by me, the longer they wait, the dumber (and weaker) they will look when they have to give it back.


Well, at least Peeeeerz called him out on it.

White Men Can't Jump... Or Chant USA

A group of high school students were punished for chanting USA,USA after their team won a game. Although they have chanted these very letters from post victories before without being branded a bunch of racists, this time it was different. Here's the break down. Alamo Heights (K.K.K. lite) is a mostly white high school (I know, I'm disgusted already)and they played an old Indiana game known to the commoners as basketball against Edison High that is a mostly Hispanic school. After they won, the fans (including Hispanic kids) started chanting USA before being stopped by the coach because of the obvious hate speech. Thank goodness he did stop the kids, we all know that the USA chant is always followed by lighting crosses on fire while wearing pillow cases... Like I mentioned before, Alamo Heights had chanted USA in previous victories against white schools so I seriously doubt this was a race thing, but the super-d-duper-intendent apologized to Edison and the kids that chanted can't go to anymore games. Side note, Edison fans were reported as chanting "Alamo Whites" before the USA chants but apparently that's fine. To summarize, I don't think they are racist for chanting USA but they are racist for wearing "white" uniforms.
Read the article that started my rant here

Cough Drops. The New BC.

What do I do when I see a racist professor?.. I hug him!

Real nice Barack, real nice...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This SNL skit is high-larious

Wait... This is for real? I don't know which is worse, that someone wrote a book about this or that someone made it into a movie. Actually what's worse/embarrassing is that the author of this is one of Obama's mentors! Well done Professor Bell, you have now made Jeremiah Wright look intelligent and low key.

See the crazy movie here

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ute givers...

Utah wants it's land back! Right now more than half of Utah is federal land. What the?? Utah governor Herbert is fed up with the feds and is trying to get the federal government to relinquish the land by 2014. I've never really understood why the federal government has more rights or say, about what happens with land than the actual state the land is in does. Look at North Dakota, if the land they are drilling in was owned by the federal government I have no doubt they wouldn't have given them permission to drill, which has given the state a great kick start to their economy and a crap ton of money. Call me crazy but I think the state government knows what's better for it's people and land that the federal government does. It says in the article that Arizona is giving the same deadline to the feds. Oh how I love Jan Brewer! Read the article here

Pelosi Attacks GOP For Not Following The Bible... No I'm Serious

Well I lost that bet. I would have never known the left knew what was in The Bible at all, let alone being able to quote it. Again they use religion when it suits them and act like we are religious nuts the other 364 days of the year.

Read the Article Here

Obama's sensitive to people's religion... Well certain religions

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yogi waits for his welfare pic-a-nic basket.

Liberal hypocrisy at it's finest.

So the end of the world as we know it (sorry for getting the R.E.M. song stuck in your head) has now come to pass because yes, Rush Limbaugh called someone a slut. Which is weird because all the liberals I know can't tell me enough that Rush is a hack and nobody cares what he says... But oddly enough that is ALL I have heard about the last few days. The liberals are outraged that a male talk show host called a woman a slut... Wait, I mean they are outraged that a conservative male talk show host called a liberal woman a slut, cause I don't remember a big deal being made (and by that I mean at the very least a few facebook status') when MSNBC talk show host Ed Shultz (liberal)called Laura Ingraham (conservative) a slut. So besides the politics, whats the difference? It's just another ploy by the left to change the subject, we want to talk about the economy, gas prices and the unemployment rate and they want to talk about women not getting free birth control and the fact that Rush called someone a name. Which is more important to you?

Forget Newt, Mitt or Rick, I'm voting for this lady!

Yes, I know this is an old video but I love how she takes on Chris Matthews and random liberal professor. Dare I say after watching Dana, a thrill ran up my leg?

Fluke's a phony. Say that fives times fast.

Turns out Fluke is a 30 year old women's rights activist that knew of Georgetown's policy on contraception and that may be the reason she went to the University in the first place, just so she could fight the good fight and maybe get a little air time while she's at it. Don't tell me the left pushed someone into the limelight before vetting them! Next thing you know they'll do the same with a presidential nominee... Even if the Boxers and Pelosis of the left put her in front of congress without doing their research or just trying to pull a fast one, fine that's what they do but for none of the journalist (for lack of a better word) who interviewed her or wrote articles about her to even question who she is in the slightest and just go along withe the 23 year old victim of a sexist system thing, is the true sign of the times. Read all the details here

"Barack Obama doesn't care about poor people"

I would have also accepted "Environmentalists don't care about poor people".

Soaring gas prices are not hurting the elite environmentalists who have money to spare, nor the unbathen idealists who don't have cars or running water.

Gas prices are hurting the working man, the little guy, the single mom, the struggling college kid, the pensioner.

Perhaps in a perfect world we would all drive our wind powered, algae fueled, solar cars, but, until then -- the jolly green bandwagon must roll on.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Occupy random dirt lot.

I was absolutely shocked by this video... There are still occupy rallies? The Blaze reports about the violence and "brawl" that happened. I think they are over selling this one a little. This looked more like an adult version of romper room... 86 the room of course. I've seen more violence from two people going after the last bag of Mint Milano cookies at a local Walmart (btw I won) than in this "rally". I don't know which is worse, that Occupy is calling this a rally or that Tucson is calling this a park. Lastly can we talk about the gymnastics of the video? Not since the early 80's have I seen something this spectacular. The guy does a backwards somersault with only one shoe on while being three sheets to the wind. Eat your heart out Mary Lou! Read the article and watch the video here

The liberal pledge of allegiance.

I bet now Obama would put his hand over his heart while saying the pledge.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Club Gitmo just added a $750,000 soccer field... That you paid for.

Now terrorists can FINALLY have a suitable soccer field to play on. I mean after a long hard day of plotting how to be-head Christian and Jewish people alike, sometimes you need to relax with a little football. For years I have been disgusted with the treatment of Gitmo detainees, I mean sure on average they gain 15 pounds while in prison (for lack of a better word), but that just proves they need more exercise options. In the past they just focused on arms and built their muscle by throwing their feces at the guards but now they are getting the respect and exercise they deserve... Ok enough with the sarcasm, what in thee heck (pardon my Utahnish) is going on?? Seriously? Trillions and trillions of dollars in debt and THIS is what we are spending our money on? I hope the taxpayers wake up soon cause with spending like this, we can't afford another 4 years of Obama.

$3,000.00 for birth control? Geez, take a night off once and awhile

She goes to Georgetown but isn't smart enough to go to one of the hundreds of places that sell birth control for under 15 bucks? How about this, if you want something, you PAY for it? Whether it be birth control, a house, a car or a frumpy women's blazer. She also might want to think about a career change because her "winning" argument is this is against women's rights? This just in... I don't want to pay for men to have condoms either.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Breitbart's videos on Obama will still be released

So in other words, Christmas in March!

The Blaze reports: "I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” new media mogul Andrew Breitbart proclaimed at this year’s CPAC event.

Breitbart was, of course, referring to clips that allegedly show President Barack Obama during his college days — videos that the media leader claimed would show “why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”These tapes, which have inspired conspiracy theories surrounding what led to Breitbart’s death on Thursday of natural causes at the age of 43, are now purportedly going to be released. Read Article Here

One guy's view on Andrew Breitbart's death

Not sure what I think about this whole think but... To whom it may concern, I DON'T have any videos against Obama so no need to kill me...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The next Martin Luther

Note reads: "Hey there, voter! Do you remember on inauguration day (Jan 20th) 2009, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was about $1.78? How's that "hope and change" working out for you? Anyone But Obama 2012"

I remember when the media held the president responsible for high gas prices and that's all you heard about, now? Just the sweet sound of crickets, so I guess we are down to post it notes, sharpies and pissed off voters to get the truth out there.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The New Scourge of Society: Crayon Gun Drawings

via HotAir Well, to be fair, the Toronto police did find a gun in Jessie Sansone’s house after they arrested, strip-searched, and held him for hours, after which they pressured him to retroactively consent to their ransacking his house without a warrant. It was a toy gun.

Jessie Sansone and his family are reeling after he was arrested and strip searched by police after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun in her Kitchener, Ont., kindergarten class.

The 26-year-old father of four said Saturday the sketch was supposed to be him, getting the bad guys and monsters.

The school must have thought differently, as after Nevaeh drew it Wednesday, the school contacted Family and Children’s Services and they called police.

Waterloo Police met Sansone at the school when he tried to pick up his kids he was told he was charged with possession of a firearm. He was then handcuffed and put him in one of the several squad cars waiting outside, he said.

But hey, this is for the children, right? So this doesn’t matter at all:

While Sansone was being strip searched at the police station: told to disrobe, lift his testicles and bend over, his wife was home with their 15-month-old daughter.

“They came to my house, told my wife that I had been charged with possession of firearms, that she would have to come with them, and that Sundae (their infant daughter) would have to go with the social worker,” said Sansone. Stephanie called her Mom who rushed over to take Sundae instead. …

Sansone said police searched his house and found a plastic toy gun that shoots foam darts.

Just remember — the Nanny State will give you “rights” only when it pleases them to do so. When it suspects you may have committed a random act of freedom, they’ll toss any government-granted rights out the window in order to Protect the Children®. God help you if you’re stockpiling Nerf guns and your daughter has a creative streak in class.

Sounds like a family that may be choosing to home-school in the future, eh?

Friday, February 24, 2012

This post is so gay!

Every republican candidate out there keeps getting questioned over and over by the media about gay marriage. I think the next time they get asked about anything gay rights related they should say "I get that gay rights are important to a lot of people but with a record high deficit, 3 wars, unemployment over 9% and gas prices projected to be over 5 bucks a gallon by memorial day, I think we have bigger rainbow trout to fry, next question".