Sunday, March 4, 2012

Occupy random dirt lot.

I was absolutely shocked by this video... There are still occupy rallies? The Blaze reports about the violence and "brawl" that happened. I think they are over selling this one a little. This looked more like an adult version of romper room... 86 the room of course. I've seen more violence from two people going after the last bag of Mint Milano cookies at a local Walmart (btw I won) than in this "rally". I don't know which is worse, that Occupy is calling this a rally or that Tucson is calling this a park. Lastly can we talk about the gymnastics of the video? Not since the early 80's have I seen something this spectacular. The guy does a backwards somersault with only one shoe on while being three sheets to the wind. Eat your heart out Mary Lou! Read the article and watch the video here


  1. Omg, shut up! — what the HELL? I think the occupy movement might have confused itself with the hobo wrestling movement. Well played class warriors, well played.

  2. So the angry hobo wanted a group hug individual style followed by a "Figure 4 Leg Lock"...I don't see a problem.