Friday, July 6, 2012

Chris Rock's thoughts on the 4th of July, makes me like Mel Gibson a whole lot more.

Chris Rock tweets his views on Independence Day saying, "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks". What the? I am so sick of hearing liberals rag on this country. If you can't celebrate the birth of this great nation with a little gratitude, leave. If you can't get over the history of slavery America has, get out... But you might want to learn some world history before you pack your bags, cause you'll see it's hard to find a country without slavery somewhere in their history. So Mr. Rock as you count your millions, maybe you can come up with one thing nice to say about this country on it's birthday? If not... Move!
Check out what Breitbart's crew thinks about this here

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  1. As far as I know Independence Day was about getting 13 States out of the clutches of the Brits. This was for all the people for the future of all Americans. If you look at it the way Chris looks at it. Yea, he's right it wasn't Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all at that time. Thank God there's no more slavery. That was some sick minded stuff the Afro Americans had to go through. There's been slavery since the begining of time. Not just here in the US but the world. I think any slave owners were scum to put it mildly. Also the ancesters of the Afro Americans in Africa to sell their people into slavery was sick minded & greedy. But I had no part in it. Of course it's important to know our heretige. But I don't blame the people in this era what my ancesters went through. And they had to go through some heavy crap before escaping their County to make it here. Geez if I blamed the people now of what some of my ancesters went through I'd be blaming it on some of my own ancesters. Thank God my acestors made it here to give their future family's a better life. And the ones that were here first before the day they were invaded and the land was taken from them makes me sickened to think what they went through. They also went through plenty of pain & suffering. But that was from ignorant people who are not the people of todays day & age. How can I blame the innocent people who's ancesters did the damage. How and what can we do now to change the past? If there's an answer let's do it. We can because we're American's. I'm just appauld there's still predjudice in the world today. Independents Day is for all Americans. I rather be here in the US then anywhere else in the world. I'm proud to be an American.