Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama says Egypt isn't an ally...

But good news, he doesn't consider them an enemy either. Geez this guy is amazing, Egypt has been an ally since the late 80's, but in Empty chair's (Obama's new nickname) defense he probably had a bad case of the munchies back then so his focus was most likely on Doritos and twinkies annnnd we now know he doesn't go to his morning briefings, so how was he supposed to know that?! I mean, with all the golf, campaining and talk shows, you really think he has time for petty foreign details like who wants to kill us and who doesn't?
In a article from The Blaze: ..."Additionally, during the Telemundo interview, Obama discussed the notion that the U.S. is in a waiting and assessment period, as the country waits to see what Egypt’s response to the U.S. embassy attack will be. The president also reiterated his belief that the nation’s leaders need to protect U.S. interests there and that he’s hopeful that the Egyptian government, led by President Mohammed Morsi, will respond in a manner that is favorable to the American government." Read Full Article Here

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