Thursday, June 7, 2012

A liberal doesn't like the national anthem? Let me show you my shocked face

Bill Press is a liberal radio talk show host, so you probably don't know who he is buuuut that won't stop me from going on a small rant about what he just said. Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much cause as I mentioned before, no one really knows who he is so why should we care what he says. Well I care because it just seems to be what is a growing trend on the liberal side. Bashing important keys to what makes this country so great. Like a previous post that showed a MSNBC host says he's uncomfortable calling soldiers killed in war, heroes. How on earth do they get away with saying that? I am more offended by him saying that than Rush calling a woman a slut. But obviously the main stream media that is so in the tank for the liberal agenda won't bring any of this up. I guess it just breaks down to the fact that I am sick of the left disrespecting this great nation, which includes the current President going around the world apologizing for America's arrogance. Yeah like the world would be a better place without us.. Wait how do you say that in German? Cause that's what we would all be speaking. So back to Bill, he recently said he was on a crusade to get rid of the National Anthem, cause he thinks it's embarrassing and questions the "home of the brave" part.

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