Saturday, January 29, 2011

Farting on campus: The new WMD

Apparently farting is now a punishable offense.

Student is suspended for...., that's right, ripping one.

"So after arriving and talking to the asst. principal it turns out my son is suspended on Monday due to…. flatulence. Yes, he farted and is now suspended. WTF.

Ok, it really happened like this: After changing out for P.E. he and his buddies are leaving the locker room, one of his friends stoops down to tie his shoe and my son swooped in and cracked one near his face… I’m still laughing at this… Apparently a sub teacher saw it and claimed the other kid ran out of the room humiliated.

In fact he took about 3 steps back and was laughing with his friends… This was last period of the day so no loss there. But really a full day suspension on Monday????

Needless to say, I called the District and you could tell he was trying not to laugh but said that we need to follow the appeal process and meet with the principal.

BTW, the other kid carpools with my son and got a ride home with my wife that day, they were playing Xbox that afternoon and night and they’re on the same AAU basketball team. We spoke with his mom and she’s shocked and will speak to the principal if necessary, she sees it for what it is, a kids joke on another."

And this is what a no-tolerance policy tastes like. LAME.


  1. wow....they actually have an 'appeal process'.

  2. You gotta watch where you tie up your shoes. That's the real lesson here.