Saturday, March 24, 2012

Team Obama: Keepin' it Classy.

You can buy elections, but you can't buy class.

The official Obama Campaign web store is now offering a t-shirt to celebrate his wildly popular health care take over.

"Stand with President Obama by reminding your friends and family that health care reform is still a BFD."

This is awesome. Team Obama is so down with pop culture, they just dropped an F-bomb acronym. And to dazzle us with their technological acumen, they even announced it via the Tweetisphere.

The good news: All the mindless fools that supported Team O and his ultimate wealth spreading scheme (single payer health insurance) can now be made more easily recognizable in their idiot shirts.

The shirt is 100% cotton, with a unisex fit, whatever that means.

See more at HotAir

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