Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Al Gore+ South by Southwest = Government's Problems Solved

Al Gore went to SXSW to talk about government? Well... See when a liberal talks to a group of people about "government" that is usually code for "you wanna protest something?". So it's not surprising that in his push for getting the crowd into government he mentioned a new movement (funny how their movements always involve sitting) called Occupy Government. I know, catchy. And what ever happened to Occupy Global Warming? Anyway, when some people think about SXSW they think of unwashed 20 something's that take a break from sleeping on their parents couches for a killer weekend (even though to them every day is a weekend) of sun, music and a crap ton of pot. But to liberals that just means potential. To be fair, the article does say that Gore also brought up the internet, that must have been amazing for the audience! I mean, can you imagine listening to Edison talk about light bulbs? Ok, so that would be boring, but you get my inventor joke, right? “Our democracy has been hacked,” said Gore, framing Washington gridlock and the effects of special interest money in digital terms. Well if anyone knows about special interest money, I'd say it's Gore. Read the article here

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