Monday, May 7, 2012

Biden refers to Mitt as President Romney. Biden is obviously a man ahead of the times.

Not only did Joegaffe (it's a play on Joseph, I know it's a stretch but just go with it)refer to Mitt as the president but he referred to Obama as President Clinton. In other news Michelle Obama has made sure there are no cigars within a 20 mile radius of the White House...

From The Blaze: "During an interview with David Gregory on “Meet The Press,” Biden’s mind seemed otherwise occupied when it came to consistently and correctly referring to who he was talking about. For example, at one point, and much to the joy of Republicans, he referred to Mitt Romney as “President Romney.” But as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he couldn‘t seem to keep his own boss’s name straight: he also referred to Barack Obama as “President Clinton.” The Washington Free Beacon noticed it all"

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