Friday, May 18, 2012

The Liberal's war on the arts!

Okay that's a stretch but if the left can say the GOP is waging  a war on women because we think that they should pay for their own birth control then I'm going to say the left is having a war on the arts because a Utah high school cut it's arts program budget to pay a federal (Michelle Obama) fine for allowing kids to buy soda during lunch time... Yep, you read that right. $15,000 dollar fine for breaking a federal law by allowing high school students to have a carbonated beverage at the wrong time of the day. The other creepy thing is, who found out about Davis high selling fizzy drinks in the fat hour anyway? Do we really pay people to go from high school to high school to enforce this law? Cause if so, can you guess the first budget cut I'd make if I became president? Okay back to the point, you think it's weird to not let high school kids drink soda because someone thinks it's not healthy? Wait until you see what you can have. Let's go over the can and cannot shall we? Coke can't be sold but Gatorade and other sports drinks (that have sugar in them) can.. Licorice can't be sold but Snickers can because they are considered nutritious because they have nuts in them. For some unknown reason ice cream can be sold. So in short, you can sell a Gatorade float with a Snickers bar on top but don't you DARE sell a Diet Sprite!

On a separate note, I am in the process of building my Sodamobile that will be appearing across the street from high schools and will be making a crap ton of money on this administration's Nazi-like laws.

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