Thursday, May 3, 2012

Want the proof? Well here's the pudding.

With the economy in the crapper, the biggest concern with most logical Americans is job growth. So let's take a look at the list that Chief Executive put together about CEO opinion of the best and worst states in which to do business. 9 out of the top 10 have republican governors. For fun let's notice where, what I would call the 3 biggest nanny states (most liberal states) Massachusetts, California and New York are on the list and where the state that most liberals love to bash is. That's right Texas comes in first (again) and the only reason California isn't lower on the list is, because we only have 50 states... Just one more reason to vote the liberal out of the White House.
Chief Executive "This year, 650 business leaders responded to our annual survey, up from 550 in 2011. CEOs were asked to grade states in which they do business among a variety of areas, including tax and regulation, quality of workforce and living environment. The Lone Star State was given high marks foremost for its business-friendly tax and regulatory environment. But its workforce quality, second only to Utah’s, is also highly regarded... ...It may be no accident that most of the states in the top 20 are also right-to-work states, as labor force flexibility is highly sought after when a business seeks a location. Several economists, most notably Ohio State’s Richard Vedder and Harvard’s Robert Barro, have found that the economies in R-to-W areas grow faster than other states, have higher employment and attract more inward migration. Governor Scott Walker’s battle with the unions in Wisconsin (See “Will Wisconsin Rise Again?”), a state that edged into the top 20 this year for this first time, demonstrates that the struggle for a pro-growth agenda can be contentious. As one Badger State business leader remarked, “Finally, Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.” See the list and read the full article here

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  1. Ha! Would ya look at that. The entire bottom end of that list is a virtual who's who of democrat mis-run nanny states. Look alive people. Look alive.