Friday, March 9, 2012

White Men Can't Jump... Or Chant USA

A group of high school students were punished for chanting USA,USA after their team won a game. Although they have chanted these very letters from post victories before without being branded a bunch of racists, this time it was different. Here's the break down. Alamo Heights (K.K.K. lite) is a mostly white high school (I know, I'm disgusted already)and they played an old Indiana game known to the commoners as basketball against Edison High that is a mostly Hispanic school. After they won, the fans (including Hispanic kids) started chanting USA before being stopped by the coach because of the obvious hate speech. Thank goodness he did stop the kids, we all know that the USA chant is always followed by lighting crosses on fire while wearing pillow cases... Like I mentioned before, Alamo Heights had chanted USA in previous victories against white schools so I seriously doubt this was a race thing, but the super-d-duper-intendent apologized to Edison and the kids that chanted can't go to anymore games. Side note, Edison fans were reported as chanting "Alamo Whites" before the USA chants but apparently that's fine. To summarize, I don't think they are racist for chanting USA but they are racist for wearing "white" uniforms.
Read the article that started my rant here

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