Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Avoid Voting, Dems Leave The State On A Bus Together.

What do you wanna bet that bus they left on was a short one?

Senate Dems Flee Wis. Capitol to Skip Budget Vote

During a Thursday afternoon press conference, Gov. Walker encouraged Senate Democrats to return to Madison in order to carry out the job they’re paid to do. “Out of respect for the institution of the Legislature and the democratic process, I am calling on Senate Democrats to show up to work today, debate legislation and cast their vote,” Walker said.

“For those looking for us, we are right here, standing with the people of Wisconsin,” Democratic Senator Chris J. Larson tweeted late Thursday afternoon, apparently from Illinois.

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  1. I just wish it would have been Republicans that left town. Then the story would have been buried in the back of the newspaper for no one to ever see or hear about ; )