Monday, February 7, 2011


Lucky for us..., Will I. Am has them.

via Mediaite These days it seems President Obama can’t even get through an apolitical football game without someone bossing him around to do something or another. Despite being a unique game in many ways, this Super Bowl was no different, as the Black-Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am took poetic license to demand of the President to “get these kids educated!” in the middle of “Where is the Love?”

The interjection came in the middle of Will.I.Am’s section of the song, where, instead of the usual line, he cried out, “Obama, let’s get these kids educated!”

And Will.I.Am is no stranger to politics, nor to President Obama, having contributed the vastly-watched “Yes We Can” music video in 2008 and made history as CNN’s first hologram. Yet one must wonder how many people watching the Super Bowl really want to be reminded of politics, of all things, and how appropriate such political statements are in a venue meant to unite Americans and allow them at least a few hours vacation from the nation’s vicious political news cycle.

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