Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am disgusted.


When something like the Arizona shootings happens. we need to stop, take stock in our values, respect the dead, comfort their families, honor those that helped and reaffirm our great nation and the value we have for our citizens.

Tonight's so-called memorial was nothing but a parade of self congratulating bureaucrats kissing each others asses, offering pre-written condolences, and hollow words. Rather than speak from the heart and offer comfort to the families, it was yet another "ME" rally with screams and applause. When we the last time you went to memorial and people screamed, hooted, whistled and applauded? What the HELL is wrong with our leadership?

They read form the bible, readings by the same people that demand we remove the 10 commandments from our courts and schools. Classic hypocrisy. I only wish this had been a sincere reading, true belief, faith and wouldn't it have been better to have a priest deliver the readings and blessings and "Lord forbid" an actual prayer for the dead, wounded and their families. Sadly no, it was a token outreach, a hollow gesture with a nice shiny varnish....oh and lots of hooting, hollering and self indulgence.

Rather than a self promoting lineup of government tools, shouldn't have this been 100% about the people that died, those that were injured and the police, paramedics, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and people that helped save them?

True that they honored the man that helped Giffords, the man and woman that stopped the
shooter from continuing his tirade. Yet that was a scant amount of time compared to the rest that was set aside for self-congratulation and grand standing. What an embarrassment to our nation. George Bush may not have been the most eloquent speaker but I ASSURE you that his words would have been filled with sincerity, honor and dignity to the fallen and their families.

Oh but lo and behold, after Obama The Great One visited her, she opened her eyes for the first time. I don't think her husband agreed to him sharing that more so that he agreed to let him take credit for it. SICK Sick sick. HOW can this man, our president, speak about the death of a 9 year old, shot down, without so much as a choke up or tear. Oh that's right, he was so focused on how regal he looked, he forgot that this was somebody's little girl.

I am simply ashamed by all of this. This is not how my nation respects and mourns their loved ones, this is NOT how my president behaves, this is not how we honor loss and sacrifice.

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