Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We have an inexperienced fool in the white house and it is the fault of a gullible public.

How the HELL does a junior senator from Chicago, unknown on the political scene and apparently in many cases in his life suddenly rocket to the top, cheers and applause, praised and loved by all?

Given a full and free pass. The media was NOT to speak ill of him, was NOT to question his religious beliefs, was NOT to question his alleged time at Columbia, was NOT allowed to inquire as to how this community organizer suddenly became president with little to no ties like the rest of them had. If they ONCE called him on something, they were shutdown and chanted at and accused of being racists for asking simple questions. Birth certificate DON'T ASK, talk about his education as a muslim in India, HOW DARE YOU!

Bill Ayers an admitted and unapologetic terrorist Reverend Wright, one of the most racist people I have had the displeasure of seeing, ACORN, well that was a right wing conspiracy to take innocent people down. REALLY?!?!?!? These people were CROOKS! Ask about Obama's affiliation with ANY of the above and it is all washed away and dismissed. He did not know Bill Ayers. He did not believe in Rev. Wright's racist message. (AFTER 20 YEARS!?!??!) Puuuulease if anyone was found to be going to Klan meetings for 20 years how successful would they be at dismissing that overnight and being elected president? Hugging Hugo Chavez a known America Hater. Disgracing the Royal Family with his trite and thoughtless gifts. She gave him an incredible thoughtful piece of history marking our allegiance and he gave her throw away technology. What a low class idiot.

Probably the worst was his tour to apologize for America.

We give more aid in medicine, human work, our lives and money to the rest of the world to help lift them out of despair, poverty and suffering. When the Tsunami hit Sumatra the America PEOPLE (not just govt) but individual people gave millions of their hard earned money. Haiti? Same thing again and again. Africa, TONS of aid in medicine, food, money et al. East Germany HELLOOOoooo remember the Berlin Wall ya dopes????!!?! Freeing the world from Nazi tyranny. Fighting for Korea and dying for their peace Rescuing Kuwait from being raided of their resources Freeing the Iraqi people from a dictator. Keeping peace in Pakistan, India and numerous other countries.

What the HELL do we have to apologize for? How about this, we take 1 year and keep all of our money, remove our military from non-US interests and take all those savings and take care of our own elderly, sick, disabled, single moms and how about honoring our veterans with care and resources to get back on their feet and lead successful happy lives for their sacrifice and commitment to our freedom and way of life?

ONE YEAR, just ONE YEAR and we'll see who that bad guys are and we'll see how much America has to apologize for.


Sgt. Pat Riot

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