Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretend discrimination at the skating rink

So this lady is filing a lawsuit because she was asked to remove her headwear at a skating rink. Well, guess what hijab lady? You're not the first, I was asked to remove my headwear at a skating rink too.

Was I offended? No.

Were the other skaters offended by my hat hair? Probably.

Initially, I thought it sounded like a ridiculous request, but after giving it a little thought, I realized the request was not ridiculous at all. If my hat flies off while I'm in the middle of a killer salchow, someone might get hurt. Do I want little Timmy,to get tripped up over my runaway headwear? Absolutely not.

They will try to push this as a religious intolerance case, but it's total crap. The rink has a sign clearly skating NO HEADWEAR. They offered to let her wear a helmet over her headwear and she said no. They try to make the story even worse by claiming she missed the party -- um, they didn't ask her to leave, she just wasn't allowed to skate if she didn't follow the rules set out for her own safety.

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